My name is Anastasios Saitis (Anssa). I grew up in Greece (Evoia), where i took my first steps in djing in 2001.I have played music in many clubs all over Greece. For the last five years i have been involved in music production. Facebook InstagramRead More

Geo Hard BT

Due to my current job as a seaman, i travel all over the world. My dream is to play music worldwide and my purpose to turn my experiences into music, through my inner rhythm . “ Create with love and play with madness” Facebook InstagramRead More

Kostas Tsaousis

My name is Kostas Tsaousis. I was addicted with Music since i was a kid. From 1996 I started mixing groove music and edit my favorites tracks.  I always affect a lot of people when Ι play music on radio and in bars. Now it’s time to produce my own music inspired from my soul. […]Read More